Welcome to Gentle Waves.


Gentle Waves is a massage therapy salon located in Fujimi-city Satama-prefecture, takes about half an hour by train from Tokyo. My name is Minako Gilroy, and I am a fully qualified therapist with the International Federation of Aroma therapist.


I provide Aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, Hot stone therapy, and facial treatment massage all using natural organic essential oils, vegetable oils, and certified high quality facial treatment products.


Personally, I have suffered from serious fatigue and skin troubles due to hard-work, stress, and lack fo sleep. I was working very hard , and didn't take good care of my health.


Then I encountered aromatherapy, I realized that work/life balance and taking care of body and mind are the most important things rather than going to see a doctor to get pills for a quick fix.


When I experienced essential of aromatherapy, I can still remember, the beautiful botanical smells which made me so happy and started to heal my mind. I felt as if the essential oil was talking to me " Slow down, take a deep breath. Take it easy". I closed my eyes and had a good deep breath.


After this initial experience, I started to regularly receive a full body aromatherapy massage. During the whole time spent at an aromatherapy salon I could focus on my health, life style, diet, etc.


By receiving regular aromatherapy massage, taking care of my body and mind by myself at home, and studying about women's health and aromatherapy, I got my healthy body and mind back!


Time spent at an aromatherapy salon is therapeutic. Your therapist may ask you about your recent life style, then you have a chance to think about your health and realize how important taking care of your health is.


For women, sometimes it's difficult to work hard before and during menstrual period, and especially during menopause. Aromatherapy and body massage can help with symptoms during these times too.


I hope my aromatherapy treatment can help you live a healthier and happier life.


Thank you for reading and I'm looking forward to seeing you at Gentle Waves.


Gentle Waves

IFA Qualified Massage Therapist

Minako Gilroy



[ Treatment courses ]

Aromatherapy full body massage

Swedish massage

60mins   8000yen

90mins   11000yen

120mins   15000yen

Organic Facial & Aroma body massage

120mins    17000yen

Orgaic Facial 

60mins   9000yen


Hot stone   1500yen

Relaxation mini facial  1500yen

and more...


All tax included.

Gentle Waves

203 Casa Rossa

Tel. 070-6514-1678

Email  gentlewaves.salon@gmail.com